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08 October 2008 @ 03:44 am
Yesterday was pretty exciting for me.

I took on the Sunyshore gym leader and won.

I felt a little intimidated at first, but I managed to beat him without too much trouble - I shouldn't have doubted myself or my pokemon at all! I mean, I've come this far, and now that I have all eight gym badges behind me... well, who knows?

I don't want to go through Victory road just yet. My pokemon, especially Luc, seems anxious to keep pressing on, but I think I want to work on the Professor's pokedex first, and maybe go back to some of the places I wanted to spend more time in to see what I can learn about in mythology.

The Lake Trio...

They've always been my favourite to learn about. I should have mentioned that I had a dream about Azelf the night before I went to the Sunyshore Gym! Azelf... I feel like you're always there to guide me, even so far from Lake Valor!

Anyway, I should stop writing. My pokemon are saying it's time for dinner!
Current Mood: tiredtired